Strawberry Earliglow




Earliglow is the strawberry plant of choice for gardeners across the United States! It is one of the earliest June bearing strawberries, and one of the most popular and best-tasting, with plants yielding an abundance of large, jewel-like, dark red berries. Earliglow is used extensively by commercial “pick your own” operations because of the fruit’s classic look and taste. The strawberry plant is vigorous and produces many runners that increase your crop year after year. It is very versatile — delicious fresh and also one of the finest for freezing or making into preserves. Cold-hardy strawberry plants adaptable from the northeast all the way to the Deep South! The trouble-free plants are resistant to leaf scorch, red stele, and verticillium wilt. Self-pollinating. June bearing. Ripens in early summer: June. Hardiness zones 4-8.


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